half-baked online shooter ... = boring!

User Rating: 2 | Brink PS3
Ive not heard about this game, only seen it in the shops, it is suppose to be an action/shooter. trying to compete with games like COD, HALO and MOH games.

So what happens once you put the game in your system?

Well i will tell you, as my experience with the game so for me meeting of an RPG / stratergy menu. My first reflection was ... When does the game begin?

It Reminds me of online shooter (orange box)., where you choose different characters / occupation - sides of the "war". This game is more for online fanatics.

This is a half-baked online shooter ... what ever it is, this game is boring! and i would say it is a waste of time. unless ure into this crap.

This game is NOT for real shooter fans. Those of us who want action and great storylines. So for shooter fans like myself (Whom really love campaigns), you are better off Choosing games like Homefront, Rage, Singularity and even Resident Evil 5 (I know it is a 3rd person shooter, but it is good.).