Brink attempts to get FPS gamers away from the call of duty grind, but just doesn't finish out the job.

User Rating: 6.5 | Brink PS3
Game Review for Brink

This game was something I was really looking forward to. I figured it would be like many FPS games nowadays; solid campaign but with a focus on multiplayer. Well, Brink attempts to do this in a polar style to call of duty or battlefield, but fails to do so in a number of areas. I will go through the main points of the game which were flawed.

Campaign The Campaign is really the "highlight" of the game. You can choose a side to be on, the security or the resistance of a civil war between a city called the ark. In the end the choice you make does not matter, because you will have to play both sides of the story anyway. There are 7 levels per side, and many will agree with me that this is just not long enough. Because you have to play both sides, players do not really get connected to the story, and the game just loses its luster. The levels are basically firefights in which you change between classes in order to carry out objectives. This seems like a really cool idea, but it really just doesn't work. No matter what the objective you find yourself just in the middle of the firefight, just clinging to survive, even on easy mode. This is accentuated as the gun control is really sub-par. The AI is really weird. Sometimes it will act as if it does not see you, then all of sudden it pulls amazing shooting out of nowhere. This really brings down the game as a whole, and is really quite disappointing. The campaign can get difficult and unfair, and even as i grinded through it, I never really felt connected with it, and when I finished the game, i didn't feel as though i ever connected with it. Besides the campaign, there are challenges(similar to spec ops in call of duty). But the largest drawback is the limited multiplayer. Many times in FPS games we forget about mediocre campaign modes when the multiplayer delivers-call of duty- and that is why brink is so limited. Graphics are acceptable, but at this point in the PS3 era, all graphics are. Brink is still worth its money now, with it only being like 12 bucks at gamestop. But, try to finish in a week so you can return it and get something else. I Hope this review has been helpful. As always, hit me up on PSN- GrishTheIsh