Good ideas, poorly developed. Too many flaws to list.

User Rating: 2 | Brink X360
Well, I'm in a wicked rush, my friends and my girlfriend are waiting for me, so I won't waste my time talking about this "game". Yes, I wrote "game", because this is only a sky-high pile of horse sh*t. I'll make it quick:

pros: the idea of 4 classes of soldiers is nice, and could've been fun; easy achievements.

cons: the graphics are horrible; awful AI; awful sound; the game is repetitive as never before; there's only a few levels, and the same game rips them off itself (is it possible?! Yes, it is); the campaign is short; the multiplayer lags; the challenges are frustrating as fu*k. I'm done with this review, there's so many flaws in this game that I'm missing out something for sure, but anyways my advice is: stay away from this junk, even if it's cheap.

Update: "The minimum allowed size for a review is 800 characters. Your review is 791 characters long.". I said I wanted to make it quick... well, I guess I'm OK now.