Breath of Fire is a solid game that any old-school RPG gamer will enjoy.

User Rating: 8.1 | Breath of Fire: Ryuu no Senshi SNES
This was the first RPG I ever played back in the day when my English wasn't great. I learned a lot from this game. Clearly, this game has some sentimental value to me. Putting this bias aside, the game is still great. I remember the storyline and, though simple, it is endearing. The game-play is ancient by today's standards, but if you are used to turn-based combat, then it will certainly be tolerable. The game itself has a nice balance of difficulty, as there were some easy boss fights and some insanely hard ones that required careful planning on the gamer's part. Graphically, the game is decent. There are some nice special effects here and there, but there's nothing too fancy. Overall, I recommend this game to those seeking an enjoyable, old-school RPG experience.