The classic that started it all. Long Live Ryu!

User Rating: 8.4 | Breath of Fire: Ryuu no Senshi SNES
This was not the first RPG game I ever played, but has been by far the RPG game I have played the most. With loveable characters and an interesting storyline, BOF is a shining example of what a role-playing video game should be.
Playing as Ryu (or whatever name you choose for yourself) you must find your missing sister while learning of your dragon ancestry and defeating the minions of the Dark Dragons. Fighting can be pretty much hack-n-slash, although there are some good magic spells to be learned at higher experience levels. There are eight total characters who join up with Ryu at various points in the game, and four of them can fight in a battle as a group.
The graphics and music are standard for a 16-bit, but the ease of play and story are what keep me coming back.
The value on this game is almost priceless. I paid three times the original price for my used copy, but I would gladly have paid six times that to keep it in my collection.
Breath of Fire is a must have for any RPG fan! * * * *