My impressions after beating Breath of Fire. Certainly a hard game to figure out.

User Rating: 6 | Breath of Fire: Ryuu no Senshi GBA
It's hard to explain how I feel about Breath of Fire. I mean I feel like I can only say bad things about it ,but I know they aren't all bad. I like a lot of the ideas that were in Breath of Fire and personally thought they were clever. The first dungeon where you have to use the spring water to constantly heal yourself so you can gain a decent level, or the day and night system which I'm sure was new at the time. Or the character fusion that the thief was able to do, that was awesome! I mean putting 2/3 useless characters and 1 good character together to make an incredibly awesome one? GENIUS! The side quest with the dragon shines was also great and to see it effect the story in the end was cool too. That interesting scene with the Golem or the smart girl that knew she couldn't win and used time travel?! I mean there are a lot of well thought out ideas here…so why don't I like the game as a whole?

I guess it just comes down to how much I got stuck in a game. I actually think this is the game that I got stuck on the most in all my history of gaming. I mean, starting out its fine, eventually I figured out what I had to do, but it just gets more and more cryptic. Sometimes they were really stupid things that I overlooked or things I simply had no idea about at all. It really came down to me admitting I didn't know what to do or any idea of where to go and just simply look it up on a guide. It really hurt my gamer pride, but honestly I don't see myself completing this game without one. And in the end it really just came to me finishing it as fast as I could. I just didn't care anymore and just wanted to end this game. Then when I finally did,and I still didn't know how I felt about beating this game, I mean I wasn't mad or anything, just confused. Like "was that fun?"

Conclusion: I don't know if I truly liked or disliked Breath of Fire. It has a lot of good ideas, but the second half of the game just came to me using a guide to figure out what to do because the game doesn't tell you at all what to do or where to go, it simply doesn't give directions. I mean, it's an old gem but the age really shows.