"This game has a piece of everything that a actual RPG game miss" (the best game ever!)

User Rating: 10 | Breath of Fire III PS
everything start in year 1999 when a friend of mine give a copy of breath of fire III back the I just play the game i only think "hey its cool" but i don't get myself into the game to much, but then like 6 month later, i brought a psx and i get the breath of fire 3 again and that even the magic start, its just like I'm in the game.

It's like a movie, or like a book that you get so into that, and you forget about anything else.

and the beautiful scenarios combined with thats song, oh men.. that background song it's just a classic for my, just a perfect combination.

the bosses, the history its so Bounding, how a tragedy come after another, how the betrayal come in hand with story, searching for the true of who i m, sorry i mean who Ryu is....

the difficulty of the game for me back then, it's was a pretty hard, i get to much trouble finding thing, and finding the way, ah and fishing XD, and getting all the masters... Oh and how can I forget learning the spells for the monster, ;)

this game has a piece of everything that a actual RPG game miss just a master piece of work

and that why i give this game a 10 out of 10

for his magic
for his fantasy
for his scenario
for his music
for his story
for the illusion

for everything....