Despite what some ppl say its a very good game.

User Rating: 9 | Breath of Fire III PS
This has got to be one of my favorite games. I got it bout two years after it came out. I instantly loved it. I usually play games for the story. And this one just pulled me in. The characters are intersting and you really choose how they advance due to the masters system. This allows you to really make them yours. Of course they have some predetermined moves, but the masters allow you to get certain moves and control how they progress. The graphics aren't wonderful but they're not bad. My favorite part is the gene splicing. It allows you to really control the battle. You can be at the end of the line and then use a good dragon form and completely destroy your enemy. Its really what makes the game. If you know how to manage your characters the game is very fulfilling. Plus there are plenty of side quests. Its a must have for me. Any true RPG fans should at lesast give it a try.