fun and bad at the same sucking always

User Rating: 7 | Breath of Fire III PSP
this game sucks gets me the nerves

story:8/10(lead character was a dragon? cool...)
sound:5/10(too boriinggg)
difficulty:just right
graphics:not ok for psp, butok for a ported game(still looks like a ps1 game)
tendency to get boring:medium
fun factor: 6/10
overall:a so-so game

conclusion: fun and bad at the same time.... interesting master mechanics though... why it doesn't undergo a remake specially to suit psp capability..
get this game if u have no other choice of rpg games... no ad-hoc multiplayer... cool ascension abbility to transform into a dragon of many kinds though transform to a same dragon with different combination exists... still, have interesting characters... finally, fun and bad at the same time. skills are good and spell animation was ok(you get the feeling of "this gonna hit for some damage)... if you had played all the rpgs(i don't mean all) and finish them, itching to get another rpg to satisfy you, make Breath Of Fire III your choice.