This a great straight forward RPG with Amazing story and wonderful characters. Any Classic RPGer has to play this one!

User Rating: 9.5 | Breath of Fire III PS
The Starts with great story of a misunderstood Dragon how burns miners to Kingdom come! We find out later that he has Blue hair and has a feakin' awesome dragon form. Meeting Rei & Teepo was awesome and I love the thief mentallity of the begining of the game. Something they didn't quite pull off in FF IX, but the story that develops is by far one of the best ever. Later losing Rei and Teepo this beginning was a great build up to things to come. After joining Nina, MOMO, Peco, and Garr you travel West and the pitstops that hinder your path are also great little storylines that are fun but no to time consuming. Sorry I dont want to spoil it for you but you need to play this. My Fav battle character has to be MOMO her strength and Magic balance is unmatched. But my Favorite story character is Rei he is a confused look on power and how to use it but he trust's Ryu to help him guide his power for good. Ryu and Rei started this quest and I think there was a special link in there friendship. I just wish the main character talked It would be interesting to see the interaction between them, and after they reunited with Teepo there was a small relief/accoplishment because they were together again. Well that is my scoop I just played the game and beat it for the first time(I have played it several times years ago but always got stuck in one spot). If you are thinking of playing this game please do it ranks up with FF VII and that is an accoplishment.