Breath of Fire 3 for the PSP is a decent game but it has a lot of flaws from being ported from PSX to PSP....

User Rating: 8 | Breath of Fire III PSP

Game: Breath of Fire III
Genre: RPG
Developer: Capcom
System: Playstation Portable (PSP)
Total Score: 8/100
Value Score: 8.0/10

• Story: 8/10
• Characters: 8/10
• GamePlay: 7/10
• Graphics: 9/10
• Sound: 8/10
• Music: 8/10
• Length: 9/10
• Replay Value: 6/10
• Player Value: 7/10

+A lot of puzzle solving mini games and dungeons
+Colorful characters both protagonists and supporting cast
+The usage of masters and being able to learn exclusive skills is unique and a great feature
+The ability to examine and learn monster skills is also a great addition
+Each character has a unique ability outside of battle which encourages players to be having to use all characters throughout the game.
+The fairy mini game/side quest is a great feature where you can create your own mini town.
+Saving feature is improved from the PSX version
+Music is soothing and relaxing
+Visual style is more akin to anime rather than what you would expect from a typical RPG.
+The 2D/3D style is similar to other PSX style RPGs such as FFTactics which is pretty nice.

-A lot of the puzzles in the game are just annoying and seem like a hindrance especially for those who just want to experience the story and battle gameplay.
-Experience and Money gain seems slow and makes the game much more grindy.
-The PSP version only introduces the fishing mini game outside of the main game as a mini game, no other features are added to the PSP port
-The PSP version has a lot of bad loading times unless you go digital
-Loading times are pretty bad especially when the battle starts and finishes
-OST is not like the previous BoF games and ones that came after it - the music is pretty laidback more than the usual RPG.