You get what you pay for

User Rating: 1 | Breach PC
I remember seeing several videos hyping this game before its release. The realistic physics was going to be so cool! blah blah blah. Well, the only positive thing I can say least I only wasted $12 on this piece of crap. And I feel ashamed for spending that much. I guess real games like B:BC2 have spoiled me. This game is a joke compared to Bad Company 2. It's like riding a skateboard after getting used to a Maserati. The graphics are way out of date. It reminds me of the graphics from Oblivion or something. The sound effects sound like you're in a tin can. There's so much recoil that it's impossible to hit anything. They've got these big maps with only 12 players so I spent half my time running around trying to figure out where the friggin enemies are. Just a completely ridiculous waste of time and money. If you are a fan of shooters, keep moving. Nothing to see here. This game is ridiculous. Save your $12 and buy a pizza.