So much potential that is destroyed by an unpolished game on release. Might get better with patches. Feels like a beta.

User Rating: 6 | Breach PC
Thoroughly disappointed.

I was hoping this game would be a great new FPS to keep me challenged until Brink arrives, but I was wrong.

The visuals are dated, and while graphic whores will really care about this, one thing that effects everyone is the flickering shadows... sometimes those flickers can be distracting enough to pull you out of the game.

But that's nothing compared to the poor sound quality. The sounds are cheap sounding and repetitive. When you run it sounds like someone else is running near you, or behind you, and that kills any sense of sound strategy. I remember playing Wolfenstein ET and getting a real sense of satisfaction that I heard a covie in disguise trying to sneak into the back door of a map when the blip on the minimap was inconsistent.. or hearing the unique sound of a heavy weapon being reloaded around the corner and knowing I'd have time to rush out and pop a few pistol shots into whoever was trying to setup an ambush.

The sound quality is so cheap that it actually forces you not to feel immersed.

The gameplay itself does have alot of potential. It's a combination of BFBC2 and CoD: Black Ops... think of it that way since they're the most recent popular examples.

The destructive physics are truly superior to BFBC2, yet provide the complete opposite in terms of satisfaction. At least in BFBC2, during multiplay, you get a genuine kick out of blowing a hole into a building. Breach doesn't make you feel much.

And the general CoD formula of perks, XP from kills, etc... the ballistic physics are superior, no doubt. Bullets aren't lightning fast and their trajectory changes over long distances... yet it feels really REALLY slow. Changing weapons is really slower than it should be, and that makes the more realstic nature of the ballistics feel even slower than it should. So there's no adrenaline rush from playing this game. It actually makes you feel like it's unnecessarily imprecise. It really isn't, but itmakes you feel that way.

And the map designs do require you to run a decent distance to get into the thick of it. The gamespot review is right on that count.

It's not a horrible game, but it is disappointing enough to make you feel like you've been ripped off no matter how cheap the retail price is (and 20% off right on the release date, it still feels that way).

Why? Because this is yet another game that was released in an unfinished form. It feels like it still belongs in beta, and not just because of the generic sound.

It may get better in a few patches, and I really hope it does. I'd really like this game to go from being a rating of 6 to a 9. It's not impossible for this to be awesome, but it does require a fairly decent amount of tweaking and a full revision of the sound design.

If you're on a tight gaming budget, wait until this is like $2 on a Steam sale.. summer or xmas. If you can spare the full price out of curiosity, I'd still say wait until it's on special AND look up if there have been any patches. I certainly don't want to deprive the developer of sales that could help fund further support at making this game "good"... but I'm so sick of games being released in an unfinished state.