Everything is there to make this a great game, except good connection to matches and dedicated servers.

User Rating: 4.5 | Breach X360
I was really excited for Breach it seemed to be the solution to all my boredom issues, huge multiplayer matches and environments that interact with explosions, a variety of game types, different classes that you can customize with different guns and attachments and perks. It seemed to have just the right amount of realism that a game should have, like that realism that a certain game that I love doesn't have, of course I mean Call of Duty. So where could Breach go wrong? I was on xbox live and I'm a try before you buy guy so I got the trail and out of 7 matches I tried to join i could only join 4 and that was on quick match, otherwise it would say can not connect to host, and I have a very good connection at my house and at this time it was a four bar connection. So I tried the quick match mode and in this lobby after less than a minute I got a kill and immediately after it said the host left and it had to start a new game with everyone in the lobby, like what the hell? So this guy says "I am the new host guys don't worry i wont leave" and as if by some sick joke the guy leaves a bit more than a minute later and it has to find a new host, so I join a new lobby and it has to find a new host 3 times! The trial is, and I am thinking, 30 minutes in matches, I have 26 minutes left, nuff said. I am sad Breach had to be ruined because it has no dedicated servers or a better host switching system, but that is what makes this "gem" (or at least from what I played I would call it that) get such a bad rating on my scale This game is too frustrating due to these issues so I give it a 4.5 out of 10