The last straw

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Honestly this is the best looking rpg I have seen on ANY system in YEARS. The anticipation i have for this cannot be understated... If SE doesn't. bring this here ill never buy another game from them again and I will go rogue and burn down all their offices (jk). Yea I want it that bad. Anyone else just need to have this cart in their 3DS??? I think the future of the 3ds is looking extremely bright if something this good is coming out. This needs to be localized or maybe ill just import it and learn another language - seems worth it for this LOL

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yeah, i know exactly what you mean. im gonna be so sad if square enix doesnt localize this. i dont care when it gets localized (earlyish next year would be great!) but only time will tell. im right with you though, if i didnt already have a 3ds xl, i would buy the system if ONLY for this one game. i want it so bad, im to the point of not even reading articles/news (except right now of course haha) about it so that maybe i can forget it exists and then be pleasantly surprised if we do ever end up hearing something about a localization. :p