No plans to localize Bravely Default: Flying Fairy yet

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In a recent interview with Tomoya Asano of Square Enix, he stated that they have no plans to localize Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. All hope is not lost as he said: keep talking about it on Facebook and Twitter, and keep watching for new info from [them]. So plans could change, we just have to be very loud about wanting the game. So scream to the heavens that they shall open the Japanese floodgates and allow the amazing games to pour into the lands of America, Europe, and beyond! SHOUT IT MY WESTERN BROTHERS! LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD FROM THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF THE SQUARE ENIX STRONGHOLD THAT THEY WILL GRACE US WITH THIS GAME!... Get on twitter: Follow @BDFFLocalize Get on Facebook and join the cause! : Get on Tumblr: Let your voice be heard, and spread the word!
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games like this makes me want to buy a 3DS and makes me want step closer to buying one...