Ps1 Answer to Zelda

User Rating: 9 | Brave Fencer Musashiden PS
BFM is a Very good game. It was the PS's answer to Zelda but not as large and Epic and Zelda. You are summoned by a princess to collect Lumina and the great scrolls Some parts may be very frustrating at times (Ex Spoiler Steamwoods as you only have 24 hours to fix something). The game has Decent combat system Rpg style as u use your sword u get better at it. The world In BMF is relatively small A forest a castle and small village and Underground mine. The Voice over is Decent for the PS not ground breaking by any means. The graphic are Ok. The game is in RT(real time) certain events happen at different times. Also sometimes if you forget to collect something that is optional you cannot go back to it sometimes. The story is Great and there are some humurous events and places EX the palace is called Aluceneat( all you can eat). The character are good . Story is remarkable. Should rent it because it wont take you that long