One of the best games I have played for the Playstation-pretty good game overall.

User Rating: 9 | Brave Fencer Musashiden PS
Well to start off I want to say that this game is very nice, but it does have flaws, but besides that it's a pretty good game. The things I found wrong with this game are-they need more sidequests other than the finding the 35 people thing,it needs to be about 10 or so hours longer, and topo could be easier (I still have'nt beat her). But luckily in this game the good outweigh the bad, I found the intro very nice, it has a very nice storyline, the character are pretty memorable(especially the villains), and the bosses are pretty cool looking. I really liked this game and found it hard to quit. There was some humor in it aswell, mainly from the loudmouthed kid-Musashi. The story starts coming together pretty quickly, within about the first 10 hours of the game you'll understand most of it and it's plot. One thing is for sure if you like action RPGs and SquareSoft you will most-likely like this.So to sum it up I think this is a pretty good, above-average, but not perfect, game that is worth your time, but it's definitely not Square's best game by a longshot.