Its not Zelda Killer but it is a Great game with incredible bosses and a interesting story

User Rating: 9 | Brave Fencer Musashiden PS
Brave Fencher Musashi is a stunning game period , don't judge this game by its cover . The games with your token hero has to save princess which evolves into your token hero has to save world from evil organization but when you get into the heart of the game you realize its so much more than that . This game has probably one of the funniest stories I've ever play but its much more than that it gets kind of compelling with the minor plot twist of characters really turn out to be and that. The Gameplay in this game is solid its like a great action rpg . You get all the best of both from action you get the nice and quick hack and slash swordplay and unique combos. On the other hand the rpg part gives you leveling up, the ability to learn new abilities at will from enemies, and some really great dungeon crawling. The bosses in this game are no joke Each has to be defeated with a new scroll you get which has his own ability and element which keeps the fights fresh and I promise you the fight against the Fire Crest Guardian is one the funniest boss fights I've ever played. Even the town in the game has tons of depth from your common RPG "Inn" and "Item shop" to a toy store , a club /bar , and appraiser. The graphics in this game are good but they aren't any Zelda or anything But they have their own look its clear this game was meant for Musashi to be a pint sized punk its they make jokes tons of times in the game about his size. it he would've be as tall as Link and with the same look I think it would of lost some of its edge. If you play this game the whole way through you should get from 18-24 hours in depending on how much searching you do Oddly enough it I beat BFM 2 times and it took me 24 hrs both times. I have to give this game a 10 in tilt for all the shier detail they put into it . You can buy cheese from a stole and if you eat it in a long time it will spoil and will actually hurt you if you eat it , You get fatigued from battle and traveling and need to sleep and if you choose to sleep outside events can happen without you doing anything. These are some elements seen in MGS3. If you want a great action RPG on playstation and your a square lover like me pick this up from ebay its worth it . Check out my other Reviews ! Thanx for reading a review by The one , The only , The Kid.