I just played it because my siter bought it, but so long it's a not-so-bad game for girls

User Rating: 8 | Bratz: Forever Diamondz GC
This game it's about bratz going into and adventure and I mean, it's not that bad for a girls game:
Story: The story is not kind of complex or something like that, here it's not so well, but there was a movie about this videogame and it wasn't that bad, it was good:
Gameplay: It's not a great gameplay but it hasn't bothered me so far so i say:
Sound: I actually liked the sound from this game because i´t's just not annoying and sometimes it is relaxing:
Graphics: The grapgics are not so good but they aren't even that bad, I can say they are good for a bratz game:

Conclusion: if you have a dughter or sister, i guess she would completely like this game because it's the kind of game girls like: