Who thought I'd like what I used to hate at school.

User Rating: 8.7 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
Well this is my first DS review and luckily, Brain Age will be quite easy to review.

There isn't much to be said about Brain Age other than the game schools all ya'll out there. it schools you in every way it can. While the game is really addictive, it still works out your brain instead of destroying it like most video games out there. This game litterally makes you more intelligent. Teaches you how to calculate simple numbers, while I used to be bad at mental calculation. It helps you speak better, faster and in an understandable way. It works out your memory, helping you remember things you usually wouldn't. How many people can say they remember what they ate yesterday? I sure can't.

While being an instructive game and while most of us hated school to death, Brain Age succeeds in making us learn in an entertaining way. I never really liked "instructive" games as most are for 4 years old kids, but Brain Age brings you the schoolin' you need since you droppe dout of high school and you stillw ant more of it. Believe me, it is hard to believe you want more schoolin, but you will see if you try it..you'll be craving for some schoolin your way, buddy.

As anybody who have red my reviews, they know I'm not the typical reviewer (this graphics this thing that whatever) but that i write out what were my impressions on the game, and for who it is. Of course, a big brainer won't find any fun inside Brain Age as he'll get the perfect score right away.

But anybody with a distant mind..this game is for you, or should I say, for your distant brain. make it run within good work instead of butterfly fields.

I've got absolutly no complaint about the game xept for the fact that the word "blue" is often misunderstood. The game catches my "blue" like 2 times out of 5, don't if this is because my native language is french (might be a very good reason) but I've also heard other people complain about this. Is there a perfect way to pronounce "blue" that nobody knows? Only the game knows for sure, or should I say, master Brain.

I didn't give too much details about what is inside the game, as this would ruin your pelasure of finding it out. All I'll say about it, you have PLENTY of games to do before you get tired and sick of this game. Sudoku rocks my world today!