gack! I mean really, gack!

User Rating: 1 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
sucked. i traded it in and was both surprised and thrilled to see that gave me six bucks for it. (game trader wanted to give me a dollar 95, which still would have been a deal for this crap game.) bad graphics, stoop-id test and rarely if ever did the game recognize what i was actually typing or saying, giving bogus scores. in my humble opinion it was not worth what i paid for the game and i got the game free in a bundle with my beautiful ice blue ds, brittney!
so dumb, ugly, wasted... it's like not even bad enough to elicit grown up words, at lease not one hundred of them.
so why don't we talk about my fish that dies today - that is sad, not as sad as this game, but at least worth mentioning if i have to give this piece of crap one hundred words.
are you serious! i finally get the right amount of words, but mentioning the wretched death of my beloved fish and now i don't meet a character requirement? whacked, my brothers, way whacked!