A fun game available at quite a low price & it does actually help your numeracy skills.

User Rating: 8.2 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
Brain Training is a good handheld game. You improve your numeracy skills by playing different puzzles & games which makes maths quite fun. There are 9 activities to play. They are Calculations 20x, Calculations 100x, Reading Aloud, Low to High, Syllable Count (easy), Triangle Count, Time Lapse, Head Count (Hard & Impossible) & Voice Calculation. There is also 100 sudoku puzzles which are fun if you know how to play it. (As well there will be sudoku expansion packs at download stations.) You will gradually get these activities as you play the game more & get more stamps. You get stamps if you play at least 1 activity a day. As you get more stamps you get more activities to play. The truth though is it actually improves your numeracy. It does, but in a fun way which is good. However there is 1 slight problem. When writing a number down a number or saying a number into your microphone in certain activities or sudoku it can sometimes come out with a different. Not always but sometimes, but if you are a natarully good handwriter it will be no problem. Also you might complain that there aren't enough challenges well i suppose you could complain but 100 sudoku puzzles makes it up. There is also multiplayer, however i haven't had the oppurtunity to test it out with my mates so i'm not too sure about it. The sound isn't that good but it doesn't really matter as you only ever hear the music when you're on the menu. It has kept me entertained for the past week & i'm sure it will continue too. Brain Training is a nice little addition to the DS games collection. I would to say it is probably the best DS puzzle game along with Tetris DS. Its a nice little innotive game worth buying at a low price.