Educated Game? Here's one for DS

User Rating: 8.5 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
Ever hate when your parents or your friends tell you that playing game is useless or all games are making people more stupid or retarded?
Now it's your chance to prove them wrong. With Brain Train Age for NDS, you can show them that you can finish the daily training quickly and with better score than those who never play game. Don't believe it? just bring your DS to school or college and ask your friends to do it, those who never play game, will have an average of 2 times slower than those who have played. I know that, i've done my research by asking a lot of my friends to play the daily training. And most of the time those who manage to keep up with my pace of finishing are those who have played game.
The game itself is really fun and educating, not only it waste no more than 30 minutes of our day time(for full training). It keeps your brain healthy and on fire!
Good for those who want to stay young at brain. The training consists of two type:
1. Check your Brain Age, you don't need to make a profile.
2. Daily Training, You need to make a profile first(with max 4).

And for the daily training, since the name is daily, try to play the game everyday, it wont need hours of playing. Sometimes when you start your daily training there is a pop question, like you've been asked to draw something, or tell what you eat for breakfast, etc.