Brain Age is a unique feature to show how fast you think. And its great for the kids to learn there multiplying skills.

User Rating: 7.5 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
Well first of all brain age is a unique game with a good learning system for kids. When I first tried it out my brain age was 80, which means bad. I kind of felt insulted because my 10 year old sister got a brain age of 64 in her first try. So I continued playing it but the more I played it i improve everyday, but I don't feel that I change though so does brain age really make your brain smarter?

But this game can really help kids on there math or other things though I mean it has some great features in it that can help you learn. Not to mention, brain age is a video game right I mean how many people do you hear that say video games are a waste of time? Well not this one, my grandpa hates video games but he likes brain age because he loves puzzles and things that are hard for him. And I think most people that are old will like this game.

Brain Age is a good game, but not sure if it actually works out your brain. But hey, its a fun game to play with. I recommend this game to pretty much everybody.