i will cover all points necessary and after reading it you will know more about the game and if you want to get it.

User Rating: 7.3 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
When i first heard about this game i thought it was a good idea. it was a jump forward for nintedo to try and get older people playing games, but is it any good? for people who dont know what brain training is it is a game which involves you doing different mental activities (calculations,sylable counting,reading aloud etc.) and trying to beat your record that you have set when you previously attepted these activities. it also has a brain age check function which (aparently) checks how old your brain is from the results of 3 tests. anyway lets get into the review.

When you start up the game you have several options: sudoku,quick play,daily training and download.

we will start with quick play. this is basically choosing one of the activities at random. you dont have to enter personal data (except which hand you write with) and is only used if your showing someone the game as it is much better to use the daily training option.

daily training is the main chuck of the game. after you've entered you name and birthday and past the ramblings of the Dr Kawashima avatar you can get into activities. it starts off with 3 activities and you can get up to 9. you unlock more activities and harder modes on certain activites by doing at least 1 activity a day, this earns you a stamp and when you get a certain amount of stamps you get a reward. graphs are kept of each activity you do so you can see your progress. you can also check your brain age and this is done by a series of 3 tests chosen at random (you can choose them yourself but listen to the Dr and he'll tell you at some point). you do your best in these activities and then at the end of the third it says your brain age. it ranges from a brain age of 20 (the best) to a brain age of 80 (the worst). im under 20 so he says take the results with a pinch of salt. it took me about 5 goes to get a brain age of 20 and i do a check every so often to see how im doing. but this game is not about getting a brain age of 20 then stopping so i carry on with the activities everyday and enjoy them.

there is also sudoku, another main part to the game. it has over 100 puzzles and they range from beginner to expert (it had to be unocked). the sudoku grid is controlled very nicely (you tap a square and it zooms in on it then you can write in the number) and this will keep you busy for a long time. it also has instructions and tips on how to play.

therer is also download which allows you to send: a demo to another person, sudoku puzzles and also lets you play a multiplayer game. this game involves up to 15 people (from 1 card) racing to do 30 calculations as fast as possible. it doesnt sound good on paper and to be honest its not that good in the game.

the graphics are very clean and crisp as its mainly text and numbers and are presented on a white background.

the sounds are basic and there is a bit of music but it is not too catchy. the sounds are basically notes for when it goes 3,2,1. and also a sound if you get it right or wrong.

this game is played by holding the ds sideways using the screen on the left for puzzles. and the touch screen for writing the answers. i assume its the opposite for left handed people (you choose when you make an account so left handed people can play aswell). there is voice recognition in the game and its is good but does not always recognise what you say. its pretty good at interpreting what you right but frustratingly it confuses 4 and 9. meaning you have a unfair wrong answer or you have to start the activity again.

so in conclusion brain training is a great game but now (based on everything in this review) you must make up your mind whether you want it or not or are gonna wait and see...