Here is the game to see what your brain age is. Is this game worth a buy to make you smart? Find out and see.

User Rating: 5.5 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
This game is all about testing your brain out through minigames that help you learn and makes you use your brain. Also the game allows you to go through a few tests and see what your brain age will be. The minigames that you play through are math and a reading.Not that much of categories that you can play in this game. And as well as memorizing some things. You can also play Sudoku on it as well, when you get bored.

Overall: This game has a ton of mix feelings. Yeah, it can help you make you a bit smarter and yes you can use your brain in this game a lot. But there really isn't that much minigames that you can play in and the test to see what your brain age is. Really isn't the best. So this game is kinda mixed feelings about.

Story: 1.3
Gameplay: 6.5
Music: 5.9
Graphics: 3.5

Overall: 5.5