Good workout, Great fun, But...

User Rating: 8.7 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
The game itself is more of a tool than a game, its a great way to work out your mind and a great way to practice some simple math, however when the game starts thats about all you can do. Theres are 4 excercises you can do your first day, as you go on and practice every day you get more exercises to try. I have only tried the first 4 as today is launch day.

If your unsure whether you want to buy this or not, Heres a way to decide:
Do you like simple math problems, and reading things, or Sudoku? This is a great game for you.

Are you looking for more of a 'game' than a tool? wait another 2 months for "Big Brain Academy" to come out.

Anyone else, you shouldk now if you would like this type of game or not.

Great fun. Sudoku keeps the mind challenged for hours.

Also: Although it doesn't measure your memory it does test it and make you remember such as each day before you acn play Sudoku it will ask you a quesiton such as "What did you eat for dinner last night", and each day before you can test your brain age it will have you draw pictures of things such as animals and continents.