Brain Age is an interesting idea but the execution of this idea is terrible.

User Rating: 3.2 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
There's not much to review here for brain age. It is a broken, frustrating game. Surprisingly, something as complex as the DS comprehending the word "yellow" when spoken into the microphone works nearly flawlessly, yet the simple task of the DS translating a drawn "b" into the letter "b" does not work at all. What's the point of even taking a brain age if half of the little tests don't work? It's incredibly frustrating when you just spent 2 minutes memorizing a list of 20 words and then they give you 3 minutes to struggle to even write in 3 just because it's near impossible to draw the word "crib" or "lake"... I really hate this game, it is so incredibly frustrating. Yes, it has many features and if it worked, this would be one really cool piece of software because it charts your progress for your brain age and other tasks. But of course, half of the tests do not work. Sudoku, I thought would be fine, but it's not... you can't leave numbers down and then go back and change... if it's wrong it's wrong and the game will not accept it. On top of that, you have an alloted amount of mistakes you can make. I would much rather do my Sudoku puzzles with pen and paper. Brain Age is very dissappointing, it could have been a great game.