Odd, but great edutainment! Could really help

User Rating: 8.8 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
I can't describe this game. On one hand it has stuff that some guys think shouldn't be in games. On the other hand it's funny.

The reason people with useless memories should buy this is (a) it's fun and (b) it can really help improve your memory. People who say "Ohh, games are for twits," or "games can't improve your intellingence" will feel like twits themselves. This game is great though. I'm far from getting a perfect 20 years old. However I absolutely HATE THE VOICE RECOGNITION!!!! I've been stopped from doing voice things twice because it couldn't recognise my voice. I tend to go four touch screen controls. However I like Dr Kawashima's instructions because that makes it very X3 quick to learn. I'm doing brain age check every day!

This is a game everyone should get, teenager to pensioner, particuarly if you want to get a young brain. Good graphics, calm little tunes and quite innovative. A must have and it could make you smart. Only my Dad can do the sudoku puzzles though.