Definately, a wierd game, but why is it so popular?

User Rating: 7.1 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
Well, frankly, I myself, seriously do not know, I bought this mainly because it is so popular and because it comes at a budget price.
This is not a warioware type game, for those who thought so when they heard minigames...
Now, when you fist boot the game, you sign your name and stuff, and then you read through some facts about the brain, and right after that you play the ugly polygonial doctors favorite game. A game where you speak in to the mic, and he shows you one of four words coloured in either yellow, red, blue or black, and the words are yellow, blue, red or black. i think many of you know that test already, after going through the game, you'll realise the the stupid game has trouble understanding the word blue, you have to sound like a brit for it to understand it 100% of the time!!!
on with the review, other than that that particular minigame is fun, the only one in which i have a problem with is the useless reading aloud minigame, he gives u a few pages to read, and at the end of the minigame he times you and calculates your syslables per second, and voila, that game just SUKS, all the rest are pretty fun especially syslable count and head count. yuo'll see what I mean if you buy it.
the brain chack is pretty okay, its short and it gives you a little of a competitive attitude to beat your previous age.
The addition of sudoku is really really cool, and thats pretty much it.

The main thing is, if you have some money to spare on the way affordable budget price I would say (if you like this kinda stuff) that you shoud go for it.
Otherwise, I myself wouldn't buy it if it was over the price it's at.