Fairly good budget-priced title

User Rating: 7.2 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
After all of the negativity surrounding video games, and how many think that they'll rot a person's brain, the irony of Brain Age is very interesting indeed.
Nintendo decided to bring something new to the table: A collection of educational mini games. Brain Age will have you solving simple math problems as fast as possible, reading aloud, counting the amount of syllables in well-known sayings, and much more. They've even thrown in 100 sudoku puzzles. It is certainly a refreshing change of pace, but the voice commands and touch screen recognition bogs down the enjoyment quite a bit. The problem is that everyone's handwritting and voices are different, therefore making it rather hard for some to play the game. You have to adjust your writing and speech to the way the game will recognize it. The graphics.....well, they do what they have to, nothing more. Which really isn't a bad thing. And the music isn't for everyone.

Even so, if you can get past the recognition problems and irritating music, Brain Age is a great budget priced title, offering a good amount of content to justify the price.