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Review for Brain Training

Well i bought this game because of all the good reviews. But..its just pointless, it doesn't train your brain. You are doing easy sums like 3+9. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. This is so going to train my brain. A 2 year old could do that. I would rather stay in school doing proper GCSE maths work. Its really shallow and i don't see why its called brain training. It should be called "Sums for Complete Planks" its just so bad. Its patronising. "YOU CAN ALWAYS TRY AGAIN TOMMOROW" I don't know why adults enjoy doing such easy sums, I traded it in at blockbuster. So bad i didn't care i got like 50 pence for it. I really should stop buying this sort of stuff. I am not happy about how overhyped it is, it doesn't even raise my IQ by 1%.

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