A perfect combination of Art, Mind, and Tragedy.

User Rating: 7 | Braid X360
Braid should be an acronym: Beautifully Rendered Artistic Innovative Design.

The quickest way to describe Braid is Art. The game is Art. I did not expect to care about a Mario-like platformer, especially one with headache-inducing puzzles, but Braid has to be one of the most original games I've ever seen. Is it my favorite? No, of course not, but I will give it a rare perfect 10 as this game is all that it could be and more.

The unique mastery of time you are allowed in this game gives it a whole new dimension. The tragic story, revealed only in bits of text, appears to be a story of a mman, a regular man who just happens to be a game designer. Perhaps Braid is a form of apology? If this assumption is true she'd better forgive him or she is totally undeserving.

Braid is Art in more ways than one. It looks like a Dali or Van Gogh come to life but musically it can move you. I don't know how many times I just wanted to stop moving and listen to the music and take in the background.

The puzzles are so convoluted you almost need a guide to figure them out but, if you're like me, you can't bring yourself to do it. Although frustrating at times I find myself completely in love with the challenge.

At 15 bucks Braid is pushing it for XBL. This was a factor in my hesitation to unlock the full version, but after careful consideration I just couldn't help it. I'm not saying it's not worth it, but it does seem to be a point of arrogance to ask so much out of an XBL game. My best advice? Just buy it. You'll appreciate it. This game may have an arrogant price, but it's deserving.

* * UPDATE * *

Now that the infatuation has worn off I revise my score to a 7. This is a good game with beautiful visuals, but it's highly overrated.