User Rating: 9 | Braid X360
Braid is an independently developed puzzle/platform game for the XBLA in which the player must utilize time in a multitude of ways to progress and ultimately find his princess.

The world of Braid is made up of 6 sections displayed in mellow watercolor tones, each section consisting of numerous puzzle areas in which you must recover pieces of a puzzle that will paint a larger picture at the end of the game. Time plays a major factor in varying ways throughout Braid. In each section you must first come to grips on how time affects you or how you affect time before the various puzzles can be solved.

Originally scored classical music accompanies you while playing, apparently trying to capitalize on the music's purported ability to raise brain power of which you'll need a fair share of. Each of the 60 pieces of the various puzzles requires some thinking on your part and no challenges are repeated. Some puzzle pieces are decidedly easy to acquire while others will have you scratching your head for a good half an hour before you figure out the methodology or breakdown and look up an FAQ. Once the method to solve a puzzle becomes clear, your platforming skills will come into play as you must run, jump and operate various items to get to your goal.

Braid can be completed in several hours, all depending on your concentration level and ability to solve puzzle elements. The price tag may seem high but the game more than pays for itself as each wonderful aspect of the game is uncovered.