This game should be experienced by any adult that has ever been unfulfilled with typical pop culture friendly stories

User Rating: 9.5 | Braid X360
I'm not going to go into the details of this game, as you can read all the other reviews on here to get that. What I will say is that Braid is a refreshing change from the norm. It can and will change your perspective on heroes. Your perspective of a hero can be vastly different from the perspective of the person sitting next to you. That is what Braid is all about, and presented in a fantastic package.

As a musician, I was blown away by the music. It is superb and is very fitting to the mood of the game. I'm a cellist, and hearing the use of electric cello was way cool.

The art was also top notch. Having studied art and being enormously bored with it for the most part, it was very cool to see art "come alive". This is my kind of art.

The puzzles were frustrating at times, but at the advice of the makers, I completed the game without a walk-through, and felt pretty proud of myself at the end. Very clever and inventive puzzles.

The true triumph in Braid, in my opinion, is the story. As great as everything else is, it all drew me in, and the story blew me away. Stories in games are usually seemingly an afterthought, typically silly or out of touch with reality. The story in Braid is valid to anyone who has every cheered for or longed to be a hero.

Those of you finding silly faults with this game, such as "it's been done before" or "just another mario clone" are obviously sitting there dumbfounded as the point flies quickly and quietly over your heads. This is a game where maturity gets to step forward and take the wheel, because Braid was made for much more of a purpose than killing koopas or collecting achievement points.

For those of us mature enough to understand (or at least get a grasp of what the story is about), this game should be inspiring and should force us to think about our own perspectives of heroism.