A work of art with brains.Braid has jumped the 2D Platformer genre into the next generation.

User Rating: 8 | Braid X360
Never thought I'd play a 2D Platformer again.I'm a big fan of puzzle games.Thats what I mostly get on XBLA.So when Braid came out I had zero expectations but I always try the free versions just in case.In this case I was very surprised.The writing is very smart and the story very emotional and deep.
So first off the story is very moving mixed with the music.It actually makes you feel something.Something not pulled off on large scale games very often.Bioshock being the only one I can think of off the top of my head to do it as well.
The look of the game is very artistic.It was just nice to have this different dreamy look over what could have been just a normal backdrop.This also adds to the mood.
Finally the puzzles.With the mixture of time manipulation and well thought out use of them creates a fun new experience.I'll admit I did not salve all the puzzles on my own.However after seeing how the ones I could not figure out were solved I wished I would have been more patient.Because I could have solved them on my own.None ove them are too hard that anyone could solve them if they take the time to really think about them.
The mane downfall is the price.Should have been 800 Microsoft Points