Why is it that the hero must always win?

User Rating: 10 | Braid X360
I have finished Braid... Or have I just begun?

Braid is a XBLA game, but it goes a lot deeper than just that. Braid is a story. Braid is an artistic masterpiece. Braid is _ love.

The experience takes players upon the role of Tim, a young man who seems to be off on an adventure. He is off to rescue a princess. Some may say this is nothing more than just another Mario-esque kind of game. A princess, a hero, and the bad guy. It is more than that. Much... much more...

Tim sets off into mysterious realms that break the laws of physics by allowing him to manipulate time. Tim has one life. But by simply dying is to just rewind back to a point before the death. So how can Tim ever lose?

Braid takes place in 8 realms. The over-world, Tim's house, and 7 others. The realms house puzzles that each keep a puzzle piece. These puzzle pieces fit together to reveal the story. The experience may last only 6-8 hours but it really is well worth it being about $15.

So have I just finished my review? No. My review goes well beyond words. I won't experience Braid for you. You will.