Is Braid all the great people think it is?? Find out inside.

User Rating: 5 | Braid X360
This is my personal opinion on the game, so dont send hate mails, opt to remove the review or whatever, if you do not agree and wish to explain why you like it, feel free to send me a message, just no hate mail thanks :D

My Score system does not work like GS, this is how i mark it:

1 - So bad you want to remove your eyes, ears and other facial features from your body using some sort of kitchen utensil

2 - Abysmal

3 - terrible

4 - Bad

5 - Below average

6 - Average

7 - Good

8 - Really good

9 - Great

10 - Total Perfection (varies, if a package such as Orange Box, 10 may go for value of money for example) This grade has never, and most likely never been awarded to a game iv reviewed.

Now to business:


Braids graphics are pretty nice. They are satisfying but never make you WOW! Which is a good thing in a game such as this, because you want your full attention on the task at hand. However, i do question some of the enemies. I'm pretty sure iv seen some of the enemies appearing in the Super Mario series (Goombas), and to add to this, the main character looks really dorky. I don't want a generic Gun Ho American as a main character, but i don't want a generic nerd who can control time. Not bad overall so i give it a 5.5/10 for graphics.


The soundtrack in this game is superb, it varies from area to area, and is solid all the way through. The sound effects are weak in comparison to such a good track in the background, however it can be forgiven. 7/10 for sound


The controls in Braid can be a bit fiddly, but they do work well. Once you figure out how to use them. There isn't any real tutorial to tell you how to do things. So you have to pretty much figure everything out by your self. Which can make doing some puzzles impossible because you haven't figured out you can make time go forward and backwards for example. I'm aware there are pop ups if you wait long enough at the starting screen, but they do take forever to appear. A starter level for newbies might have helped. 5/10 for controls.


Braid, if you haven't already guessed is a puzzle game. You control a a small character who has to find stuff scattered throughout a selection of levels to save someone from inevitable doom and gloom. Sort of. I'm not going to go into it. But anyway, you somehow have the ability to control time and space being able to reverse time and fast forward time as well as a variety of other things. You can also jump on stuff to kill them and gain extra height. It all sounds good up until now. However, i think it seriously takes a turn for the worse pretty early on. It doesnt really grab your interest, but you think its a decent plat former until you start getting to puzzles that are so simple, but infuriatingly hard! You may thinking what the hell is this idiot talking about? Well, the puzzles never get hard to figure out, i did however find them stupidly difficult to do in practice. I was really disappointed because they substituted puzzles for trial and error. I actually read a review in a magazine that compared this to Half Life 2 Portal. That is this biggest pile a rubbish i have heard(well, read) in a long time. 4/10


This game looks barely average, sounds good, controls are below average and the gameplay is repetitive trial and error. A serious disappointment because of all the great reviews it got (i saw some 10's), unfortunately, i have to disagree with them.