The game is prefect in every sense of the word.

User Rating: 10 | Braid X360
This is by far one of the greatest 2d platformers, and xbla games. From the gameplay to the challenge of the puzzles. It does not disappoint. Of course you have your easy puzzles pieces, and your hard ones which will take a little while to figure out. Unless of course you have the greatest spatial reasoning, but even then the game will take some time. Where it does hurt is the replay value, and some same the length. I think since it is a xbla game we can expect some dlc, and replay value go through on speed run, and try to improve your score. Just as a lot of games incorporate this to extend the replay value, which works because the game is that much fun. To sum it up the games 1200 pts was a shocker at first but it clearly still inexpensive for a game of that caliber. On a side playing the trial does not do the game justice, the later levels are so much more involving. If you have not tried it, try it on trial, and if it seems like something you would like get it and you will understand that it is the best purchase you have made this far on xbl.