Braid is an excellent puzzle game that not only challenges your brain, but has a lot of emotion.

User Rating: 8.5 | Braid X360
Braid was one of the games that came out and seemed to blow people away. After seeing reviews for this game, I simply had to play it.

Braid is the story about the atomic bomb and how it destroyed everything. The main hero Tim needs to go through these levels solving puzzles, with these books before each area explaining the story. I won't go into much detail about the story because it is something you just have to experience, and different people will take away different things from it. Each level has it own unique ability that you get to use. One level allows you to make another copy of yourself to solve puzzles, while another level's objects and enemies only move when you move. The levels have very unique a good puzzles that will test your brain. The one feature about Braid is that you can't really die in this game. If you get hit by an enemy you can rewind time to a point before you die. This adds a way to try something again without restarting at a checkpoint.

Braid is a puzzle game above a platformer. The platforming elements aren't very strong and with the since of no real danger considering that you can rewind time whenever you die, can make the since of missing jumps and other things that kill you in other platformers not seem like such a big deal. Personally, I'm more of a fan of platformers than puzzles games, so this did affect my experience a bit, but not so much that it ruined the other parts of the game.

Graphically Braid is a nice looking game. It has a water color painting look to it, and that adds to the game's ability to create a colorful world that seems like a happy place, but in reality can be quite depressing at times.

Sound wise, Braid has awesome music. The music brings a lot of sad feelings to you in almost a depressing way. The music does a good job at setting up the atmosphere for the game.

An interesting thing that I pulled from Braid was that it does in some ways blatantly take some things from Mario. There are plants with mouths that pop out of green pipes, and every time you get to a castle, you get message that the princess is located in another castle. There are a couple of other things that look like they were taken from Mario, but I don't have time for them all. At a quick glance, someone could just pass them off as a rip off of Mario, but not only is Braid's gameplay slightly different, but I got the impression that these things were included on purpose in order to create contrast. Mario is primarily a happy game, with happy music and really colorful backgrounds and a childish feel to it. Braid on the other hand isn't a very happy. I believe that these things were put in the game in order to take the child like feeling of Mario games and put them in a much more serious tone. It is kind of hard for me to explain, but just the contrast between these two games that share similar features was put there to pull a little bit harder on your childhood heart strings, to take certain themes from a very cheerful game, and put them in a game that isn't quite as cheerful. But that is just what I got out of it.

Overall, Braid is a great game that combines a deep story, with lots of challenging puzzles to match it. Fans of puzzle games, indie games, or people who just want something a little bit different should check this game out.