Yes, Yes it is

User Rating: 10 | Braid X360
What more can be said about Braid, but that it is absolutely the best game made that solved the programmer's nightmare of time manipulation?

I come back to this game about every 6 months, and blow through the levels I can remember. If you do not appreciate this game, you probably are not older than twenty.

This is what sidescroller developers dreamed about in their infant days. The colors, the story, the time manipulation... and the thing I fell in love with the most about this game... the music. I have bought many of the tracks on iTunes as a result.

As famously said at the end of Talladega Nights, "moral ambiguity, the hallmark of western literature." Never actually put on your tongue is the fact that this story is about a man's search for the construction of the atomic bomb (perhaps Oppenheimer himself?). Rumor or not, having this in mind while playing and reading the books at the doors to each level makes it difficult for one to deny the possibility. Having such a strange and deep undertone to the story is clear evidence of the thought and heart put into this game.