How did I get 10 years without playing Braid?

User Rating: 9 | Braid PS3

I regret a lot of taking so long to play Braid, maybe the best Indie I've ever played, a game that at first seems to be any platform game with anything different, but every minute played is getting more interesting with intelligent puzzle and excellent mechanics, the mechanics of going back in time is very well done, the story does not seem to be very different, in the end shows have one of the best Plot Twist of the games that certainly surprised many people, not to mention the metaphors of the game, the graphics are simple, soundtrack very good and the game even being short is satisfactory the game since it could have dropped the quality if the game stretched a lot, but it has a great pace, Braid is a sensational game and deserves to be played, especially for the lovers of platform game and Puzzle. Note 94