Time Master

User Rating: 9 | Braid X360

Time can be a strange thing sometimes, because sometimes no matter what we do we can never seem to have full control of our time. Sometimes we find ourselves with not enough time or more time then we know what to do with it. And sometimes we feel time moves too fast or on other days too slow. But what if you had the ability to control time completely.

This game is one of my favorate games in the puzzle genere, it was an example that show you can still do more with the genere. I love the fact that once again it's another combo of both platforming and puzzle which isn't really too unque now but I still think it's a beautiful combonation, I always love thinking on my feet.

The game has a story or at least kinda a story, since the texts you read seem a bit strange and some a bit loose not corilating with the previous text, though interesting as you get further. Though in a way it just increases the surreal feel of the game, just as the texts have a feel of disconnect it makes you feel like what going on and happening in the game is really someones imagination. Makes sense when you think about the nature of books. But really we're all in this game for the puzzles, and this game has some brain twisters that will really twist your brain and satisfy veteran puzzle solvers.

The graphics are just beautiful, the worlds really feel like your walking into a dream due to the splendor and surrealism of them. It also feels like your walking into a painting for an art galary because each of the worlds look like they could of been painting put up in one. But also the graphics have an Irish sensabilty making this game a very Irish game, with the constant use of grassy fields, bright sun, flowers and trees blooming which makes sense since Irish culture is very much attuned to nature. Even the music is beautiful, it's the Irish style violin tunes which fits the surreal splendorous nature of the game.

However it's the gameplay and puzzles of the game that really make it work. Your character has the basic move and jump but what else he has is the ability to rewind time. This ability not just to remind back to where you started in case you make a mistake but your able to manipulate the flow of present time. Whether it's certain obsticles or creatures or things moving you can control the actions of them which can produce what you need to retrieve the puzzle pieces or open doors.

The game is pretty much a puzzle within a puzzle, what also makes this unqiue is the fact that it's not simply a matter of getting from point A to B, but the real objective is to figure out the proper ways to retrieving the puzzle pieces to solve a jigsaw puzzle for each world. Doing that is the key to opening up the next world. Like any puzzle it's not too hard but it's not too easy, this is a game that causes you to think a lot about the physics of time and how to utilize it. Each of the worlds are all different and in each you gain an ability which further advances in playing with the physics of time and to think differently.

This game though might not be everyone's cup of tea, it's not exactly what I'd call exciting nor action packed, but as I said this game is a puzzle platformer not an action platformer, it's all about thinking not action. If your into puzzle games and your looking for another chalange then this is your game or one worth trying. This game is worth your time.