Braid PC

User Rating: 8 | Braid PC

A fantastic little game with wonderful 2D graphics, challenging gameplay and puzzles and one of the best video game soundtracks you will hear.

Story - 8, remarkable for a platformer, given to you in little blurbs at the start of each world.

Gameplay - 7, new and challenging, with many different time travel puzzles, can be quite frustrating at times.

Visuals - 9, brilliant for an indie game. Wonderful, colourful 2D graphics.

Music - 10, impeccable.

Controls - 6, only played with a keyboard and mouse. Can be a little irritating.

Originality - 9, great new concept and story for a platformer.

Characters - 7, still good, but we don't learn too much about him.

Fun - 8, great fun, but can be frustrating.

Overall - 7.9