All about the puzzles

User Rating: 9 | Braid PC

This game has beautiful artworks (especially the main menu screen), intriguing story (good enough for the gamer to actually read them), but to me, it is all about its puzzles. Its puzzles are mostly not repeated (except a few in later stages) and one is supposed to use mostly head instead of hand (except a few in the later stages are quite annoying). I played 1-2 hours a day for a week, solved most of its puzzles myself, they were indeed really refreshing and intriguing, some of them I did not figure out 2 of them after some attempts, then used google only to find out they are only to be solved by repeated trying for some odd jumps usually for a very long time. I do not understand why the author left them in the game eventually. The point is, usually I do not like puzzle-solving games, I like more of classical point-and-click plot-driven adventure games, but Braid is definitely different and deserved at least a 9/10 IMO.