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I've read here and there the reviews of VanOrd, but this one is just sad.

First I really enjoy the game, over 10 hours in (can't find in the PS4 menus where the save is and if it indicates the time played).

So I'll quote especially wrong things : "er ability to relate information immediately, without having to actually read those books, is dumb" : oh yeah and you would have read 10+ pages of text, especially with magical terms you wouldn't understand?

"your fallen companion comes to her senses, which is at least some comfort, since leaving the scene of battle (or finishing the battle) is the only way to revive her" : so so wrong, your companion revives during the battle, it's long but he'll eventually come back (not sure if it's 2 or 3 minutes, shorter or longer), I play on easy but I saw videos on normal and it works too.

"few side quests" : wtf??? I just ended chapter 2, and I completed at least 12 of them and had at least 5 I didn't do ...

"you learn to lay the explosive traps whenever possible, you learn the best timing for blocking and parrying, you learn when to kick an enemy and interrupt his attack" : how is that broken gameplay? or exploiting defects? in all games you have to learn your and your opponent's move and combat capabilities.

And what about the ineffective counter system? no word on it? That's the only real down I found in the game, you time well your parry, there's a slowdown but no counter at all ; can't believe this isn't mentioned.

Globally this game is very fun, I'm very weak at real time combat so I chose easy and I know I wouldn't have gone far on normal. That may be another low point : the increase in difficulty level just means enemies hit harder and you do less damage (but honestly I guess most games do that) ; that's why your companions die so fast in normal and above as they don't get better equipment like you do. The boss fights are really great, most creatures you encounter have an original appearance, two handed weapon and double blades are quite balanced, craft is great, music is great, I'd say voice acting is not that bad, they only wanted to choose to give very particular voices with some international tones) ...

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having a good time with this gem combat is challenging but fun just wish i could attack while i was kocked down so much!!!

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This game is just amazing! I truly believe that Vanord only give good points to those games that give them good money! It's being a long time since I have played such a wonderful game for hours!

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yeah I played about 10hours and I dont find the game bad at all the crafting is good and the game play is a blast and the voice acting is not as bad as what he says the game is a good solid 7 I say

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Yeah same here!! Played around 5 hours and the game is not that bad as they's not a 9-10/10 but I'll give it a 7.

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i also agree. overall a good game. like witcher 2 biggest issue for the console version was its awful ui system for other then combat and dialog