This game is an awesome MMORPG that will keep you busy for a really long time!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 8 | BOTS PC
I played this game and I was really impresed by it.

Gameplay: If you played games like or gunbound then you will probaly know what to expect from this game. Basiclly, you choose from 3 robots and then you level them up, customize them and try to be the best robot you can be (level cap 99). There isn't really much of a storyline in this game because all you need to do is kill each other but even though there is no story, the gameplay itself is pretty awesome. The level cap of this game is pretty awesome for a robot RPG game and the monsters are really challenging and fun. In the game, you have 3 buttons to use (included the movement buttons) which are jump, fire, and shield. These are really responsive and when you have enough money you can use combination of the buttons to shoot lasers or charge your super power to become a giant robot that simply kills everyone in sight. The gameplay in this game is just perfect with the ability to send letters, gifts to friends but I had only one problem with the gameplay and it is the style of the level system. Tell you the true, I don't like games like Gunbound and R.O.S.E that their level system is just waiting for a room to be accupied and then you can fight. The same thing is with this game. If there was an open world like Matrix online and World of warcraft and you can fight who ever comes to your way, that would make this game a pretty awesome game but because of the style of the game, it just blows the experience of a MMORPG game. Another issue I forgot to mension is the following: if you go to a level and you die, you don't get any exp or money which kinda suck.

Graphics: The grahpics in this is pretty disappointing for a game that came out in 2006. The robots look really old fashioned and the environments aren't really big and sometime really frustrating. The environments are really frustrating because for example the volcaino level which you have this big lava environment and you need to kill the boss, then you can accidently slip and go into the lava and then you don't get any exp or money for that matter.

Sound: The sound in this game isn't really special but it is pretty good for this kind of game. The soundtracks are really for the mood of the game and there is no music in this game so that kinda suck.

Value: You can play this game for hours and hours trying to finish the game. The overall experience that you will have with the game is really long and the challenges of the bosses and the levels itself will keep you busy for a really long time. I wanted to mension that the you have only one server for the game but you have so many rooms to go in and fight that it is simply fun.

Reviewer's tilt: Overall, BOTS ends up to be an exciting game that features a lot of content that will keep you busy for a really long time. The challenges of bosses and levels are really fun and the level cap is really high so it will take you a while to finish the game. If you like MMORPG in Gunbound or R.O.S.E style then go buy this game. If you like games more like World of warcraft which I really like then I suggest that you will find another MMORPG on the market.