Botanicula seems to be that usual kids game, but much, much more attractive and envolving.

User Rating: 8 | Botanicula PC
Botanicula as soon as you start playing you pick up with the cute little characters, you start to feel the story as you go, when you are trying to find keys to open places, or trying to get around creepy creatures that feed on life and other little creatures, you immerse more and more as you go on, discovering puzzle after puzzle, trying more to find out what's happening around you, to save these little creatures and to discover a whole new world, filled of light, life and companionship. As more you go into the story, the sounds involve all the time as you play, the artsy visual is more attractive than it seems, and as you go, the deeper the feeling of satisfaction you get.
But it's to bad as this immense microscopic new world can be, our journey nothing but seems so short, and even not worthy to come back and do it all over again, but at all it is not worthy of your time as this heart full living tree, filled with leaves to blobs trying to find chickens so they can fly back, to the deepest darkest root and surrounded by flying fire-flies. Like in the mythical world of Dr.Seuss "Horton hears a who!", a microscopical world that without any imagination, never could be ever discovered.