I did not expect to find all these positive emotions crammed in a game. Botanicula was a big surprise!

User Rating: 10 | Botanicula PC
I had seen screenshots and even some videos. I got the game from humble bundle. I always considering trying anyway. I was surprised of what I found.

It was a game full of sound and colors. I felt like a kid in no time. The game is basically a pint and click adventure game but there was not point in the game that I was bothered to look for a place to click.

You can interact with most of the things in the game and the result is so pleasant that you are looking forward to it! With this way you end up solving puzzles and progressing forward.

You end up in bizarre surreal scenery where you will naturally smile at the sightings the game reveals. You will instantly fall in love with the weird 5 tree friend company that try to escape the jaws (?) of a spider!

It is really something different and worth a shot. It will make you feel childish and if you do have children it will give you really good times with them!